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Chapter 7: How do we release him at just the right time?


Scene begins with Vladimir climbing out of a frozen river in Cleveland. A bunch of Hot American girls and women are seated on a hill nearby and giggling. 


Hot American girls and women: You should pop out of frozen rivers more often, whoever you are. 


Vladimir (ignoring them and walking away): Maybe when I get older, Americans. 


Hot American girl: I told the rest of you he wouldn’t want to date us!


Hot American woman: It’s not appropriate to be dating him right now and you know it. 


Hot American girl: Yes, ma’am. 


Hot American girl looks guilty, tears come to her eyes and she exits the scene. 


Hot American Woman: I wonder if they caught Sokolov yet?


Everyone else: Who the hell is Sokolov?


Hot American Woman: Eventually the world will know the truth. 


Scene fades. And returns to Vladimir walking. 


Vladimir: The Kremlin was right, this is good exercise. 


Vladimir wanders around the park trying to find a place to get some good food. A jogger runs by and throws a packet of $100 bills his way. 


Vladimir: Hmm I wonder how much lunch $100 will buy me? Wait, no...I might as well buy lunch for some friends too. 


Old Asian Man on bench: Vietnam restaurant that way (Points toward Downtown). 


Vladimir: Do they have vegetarian food?


Old Asian Man on bench: Oh. You want this place then (he hands Vladimir a card to his restaurant...he is obviously the owner of the restaurant). 


Vladimir: I didn’t catch your name…


Old Asian Man on bench (smiles): Oh it is not important. Only thing that matters now…


Vladimir: Ya, ya. 


Vladimir wanders around for about ½ hour. Notes to Director. This could be an area of the film for artistic collaboration among the actors and the director. The original in its purest form kept the audience guessing and was not heavy on dialogue. It might be a good idea to film a bunch of takes and kind of just decide on how the dialogue plays out based on the various people involved with the film. 


Vladimir (Entering Asian Restaurant): Are there any people who could use a free meal today?


Asian kid 1 and 2 (In unison): We could! We need a break from playing videogames anyways. 


Vladimir: Ok cool, so what game are you playing?


Asian Kid 1: A game that just got released in Japan. It’s called Speed Race (スピードレース)


Vladimir: Cool!


Asian Kid 2: Yeah it’s alright. 


Vladimir: So do you guys come here often?


Asian Kid 1 and 2: Not really, we’ve just been wandering around American while our dad runs his non-profit. 


Vladimir: Ahh lemme guess...your dad owns this restaurant?


Asian Kid 1 and 2: No, he’s actually one of the Co-Founders of The Japanese Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 


Vladimir: Ahhh so…


Asian Kid 1: Yeah so now we’re kinda famous too, I guess. 


Vladimir: Which one of you programmed the video game?


Asian Kid 2 (Pointing finger at Asian Kid 1): He did.


Asian Kid 1 (Takes off hat): It was quite Elementary, really. 


Suddenly Attractive Asian Women burst into restaurant wearing video game t-shirts. They burst into song: The Song is called “Nintendo it’s a cereal system!” 


Suddenly an Attractive White Woman who sort of looks and acts like she is Japanese enters the restaurant wearing a “Zelda” shirt. She busts out an Ocarina and they start performing the song from “Legend of Zelda, an Ocarina of Time”.


Random Asian Man: That game isn’t supposed to get released until the mid 80s…


Attractive White Woman: Oh that’s right, we did all agree on that didn’t we. 


Attractive White Woman (sits down near Vladimir): So are these your kids or…?


Vladimir: No, they are just random kids that I’m buying lunch for….for no reason other than I had a little extra cash and thought why not?


Attractive White Woman: Interesting. Well I’m going to be sitting right here if you guys need anything. 


Vladimir: Thanks for joining us. Now, what were we just talking about again?


Asian Kid 1: About how the Zelda game isn’t supposed to be out yet. 


Vladimir: Oh, that’s right. It sounds like a cool game. 


Waitress (approaches table): Are you guys ready to order yet? 

Vladimir: I will have Pho with Egg Noodles and Fried Tofu.


Asian Kid 1 and 2: Pho with rice noodles, veggies and tofu. Traditional Vietnamese style with limes and cilantro please.


Vladimir: Oh make mine Vietnamese style too, please.


Waitress smiles and leaves


End Chapter 7